Audio Cable 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Female

Audio Cable 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Female

Audio Cable, 2 RCA Male, 2 RCA female, black, 1.8 m long

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This audio cable is 1.8 m long, and it is equipped with 2 male RCA connectors and two female RCA connectors that allow you to connect your tuner and DVD amplifier, ensuring excellent audio quality.
This RCA cable features a particular anti crease protection system that guarantees durability and the resistance of the connectors during use.


  • 2 RCA male
  • 2 RCA female
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Anti crease protection
Longitud del cable1,8 m
Conector 12 x RCA Maschio
Conector 22 x RCA Hembra
Chaqueta externaPVC