Flat data cable USB 2.0 - Micro USB

Flat data cable USB 2.0 - Micro USB

Flat Data cable USB to Micro USB, with fixing cable system included, universal  for mobile phones and smartphone, Length of 1,0

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12,99 € impuestos inc.

The new SBS cable is characterized by a thin line that avoids knots when it is rolled up.
It’s 100 cm long, it is equipped with Sync function (for data transfer) and two fairlead to allow a more practicable management of the cable on desks, tables, shelves ...


  • Flat and flexible cable
  • Cable length 1 m
  • 2 cable managers

Accesorios incluidos0 mm.
Longitud del cable1 m
Conector 1USB A Macho
Conector 20 g.
StandardUSB 2.0
Apropiado paraSmartphone