5e STP Network Cable

5e STP Network Cable

A category 5e STP network cable for PCs, RJ45 connectors, grey, length 1.8 m

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This network cable is used to connect a PC to a modem or to a network hub/switch in order to connect to the Internet. This particular shielded LAN cable minimises interference caused by the connection, allowing for stable navigation.
The category 5e cable can support Internet networks up to 1Gbps.


  • RJ45 shielded connectors
  • Shielded cable
  • Category 5e 100 MHz
  • Length: 1.8 m
Longitud del cable1,8 m
Tipo de cableCategoría 5e - 100 Mhz
Conector 1RJ45 Macho
Conector 2RJ45 Macho
Chaqueta externaPVC