Coaxial antenna splitter with two female outputs

Coaxial antenna splitter with two female outputs

A coaxial splitter for antennas, with a 9.5mm male connector and two 9.5mm female connectors

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This coaxial splitter is the perfect solution to the problem of transmitting signals to two different TV sets from a single satellite socket.
Equipped with 9.5mm male connector, this antenna splitter also has two female 9.5mm outputs with which you can connect two cables and transmit signals to a pair of TVs. Practical and ergonomically designed, the ribbed connector allows an easy, comfortable grip whenever you use the cable.


  • 9.5mm male input
  • Two 9.5mm female outputs 
  • Ribbed non-slip casing
Conector 19.5mm male
Conector 22 x 9.5mm female