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Headset with roller clips and universal car holder

Bluetooth headset with retractable cord and universal car holder with clip

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This handy little Bluetooth headset with a retractable cord is ideal for people who want to only wear it when taking or making a call. The practical clip fastening means you can attach it to a trouser pockets or the lapel of a training jacket and only unfasten the headset when you know that you will need it. The multi-function button is always close at hand.
Recharging the headset's battery is easy: it features a micro USB charging adapter which can be attached in the normal way to a charger or your PC.


  • Bluetooth v4.1
  • Connection range: up to 10 metres
  • Retractable cord
  • Multi-function button

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The universal Freeway car holder is the ideal travel companion for your adventures. The quick and easy attachment to the fins of air vent grille allows instant and universal installation for all cars. The adjustable width and depth arms are perfect to adapt the size of your cell phone or smartphone and are coated with soft rubber anti-scratch. Its compact size makes it a discrete object and as well as an invaluable aid to use all the navigation functions of your smartphone when you are driving.


  • fixing to air vent grille
  • arms with adjustable width and depth
  • arms and support coated with anti-scratch rubber
  • min arms width: 36 mm
  • max arms width: 75 mm
  • installation in a few steps

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