Cuffia stereo STUDIO MIX SOLO 2 Wireless NFC con microfono e tasto alla risposta

Stereo Headphone STUDIO MIX SOLO 2 Wireless NFC with answer key and microphone

Wireless Stereo Headphone, NFC function , jack 3,5 for use with wire, Gray

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The SBS Headset allow you to listen to music in relax, to view your favourite films and football match. The good quality of the sound countersigns its from the others in commerce. The design around-ear allows you a comforting listening, the stuffing it makes its soft and pleasant to be worn. You can answer your calls and to freely speak without the encumbrance of the threads. It can be in partnership to more devices contemporarily.

NFC function

This unit features wireless NFC (Near Field Communication) pairing, which allows to pair and play instantly by a simple physical contact the enabled NFC devices.

  • Turn on the NFC function on your smartphone.
  • Put your smartphone induction zone close to the NFC headphone zone when is OFF: it will turn on the headphone.
  • Your smartphone may ask you “do you want to connect SX-987?” or similar: press yes to connect. Remark: NFC can be connect as long as enable NFC function on device, even if Bluetooth® function on device is turn off.
  • To disconnect the two devices please put them close again.


  • NFC
  • Outpower 10 mW
  • Adjustable headband
  • Design around ear
  • Stuffing
  • Cables of recharge
Included accessoriesCharging cable / Cable 3,5 mm jack
ButtonsAnswer/End call - Volume control
Output power10 mW
Ear hookAdjustable and foldable