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Scale with an LCD display that calculates the weight and the nutritional value of food, fitness tracker with touch display and heart rate

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This digital kitchen scale is a smart balance that doesn't just weigh your food. It also monitors your calorie intake as well as the macronutritional composition of your diet (the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats it contains).
The balance must be used with the free Go Life app. Developed by SBS, the app is available on Apple's App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. You must also be connected to the Internet.
Using the scale is extremely easy: once you have downloaded the Go Life app, you just need to turn on the scale, follow the instructions to connect it to the app and then open the control screen. Now you can start to discover the nutritional content of your favourite foods.


  • Tare function to weigh empty vessels
  • Integrated digital display for weights
  • Displays the following nutritional facts: calories, carbohydrates (including sugars), proteins, fats
  • Lowest compatible weight: 3g

This product requires the free Go Life app. The app is available for iOS 8.0 and later devices from Apple's App Store, and for Android version 4.3 and later devices from Google Play.

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Monitoring daily physical activity has never been so sophisticated: Go Life Watch HR records steps, distance travelled, calories burned, duration of your physical activity and heart rate.
There is touch display, allowing you to always check the current time and date.

In addition to recording daily physical activity, Go Life Watch HR can also monitor sleep quality by making a distinction between light sleep and deep sleep.
The data that this fitness tracker records during the day can be viewed on your smartphone: synchronized with the free Go Life app, it then allows you to track daily progress and analyze the records.
Go Life Watch HR also lets you set silent alarms and control music playback.
If you want, you can also receive notifications of incoming calls and incoming messages to your smartphone directly on your wristband.

Go Life Watch HR comes with a built-in USB connector for charging: after running down the charge, simply disconnect the strap and connect the fitness tracker directly to a PC or any charger with a USB port. This procedure also allows the product to be turned on if it has switched off.

Go Life Watch HR uses the free Go Life application developed by SBS for those who love sports and want to track their daily goals.
Downloadable for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, the app allows you to connect all the Go Life range of devices, including various fitness trackers, jump ropes, weights, body composition scales, nutritional scales, and cadence meters for bikes.


  • Wireless
  • Go Life device, compatible with iOS (version 8.0 and later) and Android (version 4.3 and later)
  • Monitors: distance, steps, calories, quality and duration of sleep, heart rate
  • Notification of messages and incoming calls
  • Clock, date and alarm function
  • Music playback control
  • Display OLED touch
  • Stand-by: 10 days
  • Battery: Li-ion (65 mAh)
  • Adjustable strap

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