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Selfie stick extendable to 50 cm in length with jack cable, kit composed of 5 lenses with clip for smartphones

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The telescopic selfie stick and lens kit are essential accessories for taking wonderful shots wherever you are.

Feeling like a professional has never been easier! The kit includes 5 lenses (anti-glare, wide-angle, fisheye, macro, telephoto) that will allow you to take high-definition photographs with excellent focus. Attaching the lens to a smartphone camera is quick and simple thanks to the clip supplied.

With the selfie stick you can enjoy group fun: capture your best moments thanks to this handy compact accessory. Insert your smartphone between the clamps and connect the stick jack cable to your device: sharing your photos on social networks is easy thanks to the SBS Go Selfie app.

Artistic beauties and breathtaking landscapes, smiles and moments of happiness: hold on to all the excitement thanks to selfie stick and lens kits.

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