Promo Reduced price! Promo: Recharge your life - Type-C

Promo: Recharge your life - Type-C

Rapid-recharge powerbank with a retro design and two USB outputs and an ultra-resistant and anti-tangle Type-C cable

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With the Courmayeur powerbank* and the ultra-resistant Type-C you will be able to recharge your smartphones, wireless headsets, smartwatches or other small devices quickly. 
The powerbank in the Nostalgia collection can supply power to two whole devices thanks to the two USB outputs. The design evokes memories of the fridges in vogue in the 1960s: this gives the accessory a fascinating retro style. 
The cable in the Unbreakable collection, on the other hand, is known for its special anti-tangle feature which prevents the cable becoming knotted or twisted. The reinforced connectors have passed the thousand-bend stress test with flying colours: You can also use it in cramped corners where the cable bends are more acute: the cable will remain resistant for a long time. 
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