Extra Slim Power Bank 10000 mAh Dual Charge

Extra Slim Power Bank 10000 mAh Dual Charge

10,000 mAh battery charger with two 1A and 2.1A USB outputs, Dual Charge, Intelligent Charge, white colour

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The Extra Slim 10.000 mAh Power Bank is a portable charger that enables you to contemporaneously charge your smartphone and tablet wherever you are. Use the cable included to power the emergency battery whenever the charge on this external device runs out.


The compact size of this power bank enables you to safely store it in the compartments of a backpack or waist pouch. This power bank is equipped with a 2.1A USB output: the battery of a smartphone or tablet will have charged by 50% after only 30 minutes. You can also recharge your mobile phone through the 1A output. Thanks to these two outputs, it is possible to charge two devices simultaneously.


The Intelligent Charge technology that distinguishes the 2.1A output enables this external battery to automatically recognize your device’s maximum absorbable charging power, and regulate accordingly. The power bank provides a completely secure, maximum recharge in the shortest possible time.
The charger is also equipped with the Dual Charge system: you can simultaneously charge your devices whilst the power bank itself is recharging itself.


Thanks to its small size, you can always take this power bank with you: it will fit in a handbag as well as in a backpack, and you can use it at any time. In addition, it is transportable on airplanes without restrictions: travel without worries.


  • 10.000 mAh Capacity
  • Dual Charge
  • Intelligent Charge
  • 2 USB outlets: 2.1A and 1A
  • Micro USB input for recharging the power bank
  • Charging cable included
  • Using Intelligent Charge, a smart phone is charged by 50%*after 30 minutes
  • 4 LED status indicators
  • Transportable on airplanes
  • Lithium polymer battery


* Charging times are approximate and depend on the battery capacity of the device being charged.

Included accessoriesCharging cable
Recharging cableUSB/Micro-USB
Micro USB Input5V - 2A
USB Output5V - 1A
USB 2 Output5V - 2.1A
LED4 for status
BatteryLithium polymer battery
Battery capacity10000 mAh
TechnologyDual Charge, Intelligent Charge
Charging typeFast