7000 mAh wireless power bank

7000 mAh wireless power bank

7000 mAh wireless power bank with fast charging, built-in wireless charging, with Intelligent Charge, black colour

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The 7000 mAh wireless power bank is a portable charger that allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet, or wireless headphones wherever you are, without needing to have a power outlet at your fingertips. In brief, an always available power supply that, when discharged, can be recharged using the supplied USB cable.


The wireless power bank is the perfect accessory, particularly for those who need to be able to charge their own smartphone or tablet using wireless technology.
Indeed, this portable battery charger allows you to charge your device without using cables. All you need to do is replace it on the power bank.

Thanks to this external battery, you will be able to give up worrying about a low battery charge, as you will always have up to 30 hours of extra charge at your disposal.

The status LEDs on the side allow you to always see the power bank's level of remaining charge.


This portable charger comes with Intelligent Charge technology. This automatically identifies the maximum charge that your device can absorb, and regulates the supply accordingly, providing, in complete safety, the maximum charging power as fast as possible.

Wireless charging is a very recent technology. To use it, you must have a smartphone compatible with QI technology. If your smartphone is not compatible, this spare battery also comes with a built-in cable that connects to your device.

Wireless charging allows you to charge your device with 1A power supply.
If you connect your device to the charger using the supplied cable, you will be able to make use of the rapid recharging from this emergency battery. Thanks to the power supply of 2.1A, after just 30 minutes the charge level of your smartphone will be at 50% .


  • Wireless charging (compatible with QI technology)
  • Capacity: 7000 mAh (up to 30 extra hours)
  • USB 2.1A output
  • Built-in charging cable for charging devices that are not enabled for wireless charge
  • Charging level of smartphone after 30 minutes: 50% *
  • Status LEDs
  • Intelligent Charge Technology
  • Type C input for recharging the power bank
  • Transportable aboard aircraft.

* Charging times are indicative and will depend on the battery capacity of the recharged device.

Included accessoriesCharging cable
Input voltage5VDC / 2A
Output voltage5 Vcc / 2.1 A max
ConnectorUSB Type C, USB
LED5 status LEDs
Suited forSmartphones with QI Technology
Charging typeFast