Power Bank Taggy

Power Bank Taggy

5000 mAh Power Bank, with 1 x USB 2.1A, digital status display, torch, object locator and Go Tracker app

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The Taggy Power Bank is a 5000 mAh battery charger that lets you charge your smartphone or wireless headset anywhere, without risking the battery charge levels remaining. The benefit of this spare battery means you always have up to 25 hours of extra charge at your disposal.

This power bank comes with a 2.1-amp USB output that allows you to charge your smartphone at fast speeds. After about 30 minutes the battery will already be at 50% charging level.

The digital display accurately indicates the power bank charge level, and it can be re-charged using the Micro USB charging cable included in the kit. This portable battery charger also has a small LED torch for emergency situations.

The Taggy Power Bank is not just a power reserve when needed, but also an object locator. It is connected via wireless technology to the app tracker developed by SBS, and allows you to record the location of any object and view it on the app map. The product can, therefore, be defined as a loss retrival device with four different functions:

  1. Anti-loss function, which warns you when you are losing an object;
  2. Parking function, to record the parking position;
  3. Proximity Function, alerts you when you approach a registered object so as not to forget it;
  4. Tracker function to store geographic locations on a map.


  • Capacity: 5000 mAh (up to 25 hours of extra charge)
  • 1 USB Output 2.1A
  • Micro-USB input to charge the power bank
  • Charging cable included
  • Charging level of smartphone after 30 minutes: 50%* 
  • Digital status display
  • Torch function
  • Lithium polymer battery

* Recharging times are approximate and depend upon the device being charged.

This power bank uses the free Go Tracker app, which is compatible with iOS 9 and above, and Android 4.3 and above. It is available on AppStore and Play Store.

Download on the App Store

Android App on Google Play

Included accessoriesCharging cable
Input5 Vdc
Output5 Vdc
Input voltage5 Vdc / 1 A
Output voltage5VCC / 2.1A
BatteryLithium polymer battery
Battery capacity5000 mAh
Other featuresTorch function, Digital status display, Intelligent Charge