Cover Bubble per iPhone 5/5S

Cover Bubble for iPhone SE/5S/5

TPU Cover with 3D bubbles effect for iPhone SE/5S/5, transparent violet

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12,99 € tax incl.

This case is made ​​of flexible and durable TPU material to ensure optimal protection for your iPhone. Wrapping it perfectly allows free access to keys, connectors and volume control. Case with a pleasant look and touch feeling: the texture of the case is made from many small bubbles through 3D effect, which can give a very original look to your iPhone. The flexible material with which it is made ​​gives you a better grip when the phone is held in the hands.

  • made of TPU
  • it perfect fit to your iPhone
  • texture with 3D bubbles
  • protection against little crashes and scratches
TypeTPU case
MaterialTransparent TPU
Finishing/Feature3D bubble effect


  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5S
  • Apple iPhone SE