90° HDMI Adapter

90° HDMI Adapter

Black coloured, gold-plated adapter with HDMI Male to HDMI female connectors that is foldable to 90°

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9,90 € Inkl. MwSt.

This adapter allows you to connect devices with HDMI jacks to an HDMI cable. The 90° angle of the connector allows you to easily connect equipment equipped with HDMI jacks, even when they are in awkward to reach areas. The gold coating of the connector also ensures excellent signal transmission.


  • Male HDMI connector
  • HDMI female connector
  • Foldable 90° fitting
  • Gold-plated connectors
Stecker 1HDMI-Stecker
Stecker 2HDMI female
SteckerGold-plated, Inclined at 90⁰